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[Accepted] Application Bninin Empty [Accepted] Application Bninin

Post by CatChinG on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:20 pm

Pevious nick:attack Shark Zeroo
Age: 21
Country: Tunisia
How long have you been playing VCMP:since 2015
Gender: male
Your Ping:88 - 72
Mostly Playing VCMP Servers explain server's name: EC Vks SvM EvoDM CTF
Can you visit forum Daily: I can all time
Your contact information (facebook): Bninin Marcelo (already friends in fb)
Previous clans you've been in and why you left them?:RK SP
Extra notes: is very good clan I can offer all what you need my friend Casper Very Happy
Well,I want to join DF clan,because, it is the one of the best clans of vcmp and here members are skilled,mature and friendly and i like there team work and  i have many friends here thats why i think i will be fit here.
Its my first application in DF clan i hope for getting accepted in the clan
VU is an active clan in whole VC:MP and has the friendliest players in VC:MP , seeing the friendship and teamwork of the members of this clan i applied for DF .
Previous clan:TPA in 0.3z then in 0.4 clan closed
(RK and )left for confidential reasons .
Good luck Very Happy
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[Accepted] Application Bninin Empty Re: [Accepted] Application Bninin

Post by [DF]Casper on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:47 pm

Hello Bninin,

Your clan join application has been accepted as Trainee. Feel free to wear DFt Tag where ever you go around the VC-MP Community!
Welcome abroad!

-DF Management Team.

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