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[Accepted] Application Sheep Empty [Accepted] Application Sheep

Post by [ON]Sheep on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:24 pm

Nick: Sheep
Pevious nick: [ON]Sheep
Age: 20
Country: Tunise
How long have you been playing VCMP: 2016
Gender: Male
Your Ping: 72
Mostly Playing VCMP Servers explain server's name: Vks LW EC
Can you visit forum Daily: Ok iam will visited forum bro .
Your contact information (facebook): n/a no iam not have a fb
Previous clans you've been in and why you left them?: ON only becuase iam loved DF to my freind Casper
Do you speak English?: Yes .
Extra notes: Bro plz accepted me its a nice good clan for vcmp my freind ok only accpeted in Trainee plz my freind Casper iam join DF i need to join DF so plz accpeted me and thank you verry mush becuase i loved it in vcmp please Admin accpeted me ok just accepted me in Trainne not member please accepted me in your clan i think to be a new player in DF and new freind for DF
iam waiting you Bro.
Thank you Admin
Thank you DF
I love you DF
Thank you verry mush
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[Accepted] Application Sheep Empty Re: [Accepted] Application Sheep

Post by [DF]Casper on Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:24 pm

Hello Sheep,

Your clan join application has been accepted as Trainee. Feel free to wear DFt Tag where ever you go around the VC-MP Community!
Welcome abroad!

Poll result:
YES: 2
NO: 0

-DF Management Team.

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